(Late) weekly check-in

Well, it’s been a crazy week! My husband and I got everything together to buy our first house! We’ll close just as soon as the lawyer can do all of the paperwork. We are so excited!

However, we don’t know exactly when we’re closing, so we don’t know exactly when we’re moving. We do know that we are leaving town for ten days starting on Friday! So I have been scurrying around trying to get moving packing done and vacation laundry started so I can do that packing too. I have also spent a fair amount of time on pinterest 🙂 I may be launching a separate DIY blog later on. I have some exciting plans for an antique desk.

As a result, I don’t have any fabulous menu plans to post or recipes to share. 

Weight: 199 holding steady 😦

Workouts: I hit the gym or a yoga class every week day. 



Crock Pot Jerk Pork

We had an impromptu gathering this weekend and I served the jerk pork that was on our menu. It was a HUGE hit!

I looked for recipes, but I ended up winging it.


1 bottle BudLite Lime *

1/2 cup of OJ **

1/2 of a small jar of some off brand jerk seasoning

6tbs of minced garlic from a jar

1 pork roast (can’t remember which kind)


I mixed up everything but the roast in a sauce pan on the stove (taking care to not let it boil) to shorten the cooking time. After letting it cool, I poured it over the roast that was waiting in the crock pot. I cooked it on low for 4.5-5 hours (can’t remember which as my husband pulled it out while I was drinking beer!)


If you accidentally let the liquid boil be EXTRA sure to cool it down, otherwise your meat will just taste like boiled meat.



*we were out of lime juice, and this shit is DISGUSTING. It will never be consumed for real in our house and I needed a little more liquid in the crock pot.

** because that’s how much was left in the container!


Week 3 Progress Report

Starting Weight: 195
Starting Pants Size: 16
Starting Ability: Run 60 seconds, medium pace walk for 30 minutes

Goal Weight: 135
Goal Run: 2 miles without stopping at less than 15 minutes/mile
Goal Walk: 5k run/walk


Goal Progress:

Current Weight: 199
Current Size: 16
Current Ability: Intervals-Run 90 seconds, medium pace walk 2 minutes for a 30 minute workout

Exercise for the Week:

Planet Fitness 30 Minute Circuit Workout
Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Week 2 Days 1 and 2, RunDouble
Thursday, Saturday
(Week 2 is a 5 minute warm up, 6 intervals of 90 seconds with 2 minutes of walking between and a 5 minute cool down)

30 minute stroller walk around the neighborhood

Since I set my goals (around the middle of May), a lot of stuff has happened that kind of set me back. We went on vacation for 10+ days and I definitely did not make great food choices. I got kind of thrown. I didn’t plan to take a break from exercising. I even brought my workout clothes and shoes. I did my last run of week 1 using the RunDouble app while I was gone. Somewhere in that run I seriously wrecked my knee. It has just started feeling better this week. It was so stiff and sore that it woke me up the rest of the week.

We also struggled with my baby, Crasher, and getting/keeping him on a nursing schedule. Breastfeeding burns a freaking INSANE amount of calories. I was keen on keeping it up for his sake, and also for mine. I have had supply issues from the beginning (he lost 9 ounces after initially jumping right up to his birth weight), and being out and about and my extremely loving and helpful parents and grandparents would give Crasher a bottle every time he made a noise. Because of this he went on strike and has basically refused to nurse ever since. I tried pumping and whatnot, but I am just so fucking over it. I am sick of feeling like a dairy cow and beating myself up over it. I have been taking supplements that make me sick, pumping 6-8 times a day (including at 3 in the freaking morning!), drinking tea that tastes like ass and weighing my kid 2 times a day to make sure my crappy, useless boobs aren’t starving him to death. I have all but given up nursing. I try to feed him when I can. I pump a couple times a day and just feed him the bottle immediately. I am happy with the decision, but I am a little bummed that I am not getting all of those fabulous calories burned off just by making milk.

So, I am a little off track given that I took more than a week off from anything resembling diet and exercise. My goals for next week are to get back on track and hit the grocery store for some delicious foods. I will post my menu plan with recipe links later this week.

Starting Information

In most ways, I am pretty typical. I just had a baby and now I have the desire to lose weight and get healthier. I am a little different in that I weigh less now than when I got pregnant! I feel like having a jump start on those first few pounds is giving me the leg-up I need to lose the rest of the weight that I certainly need to lose.


Starting Weight: 195lbs
Starting Pants Size: 16
Starting Ability: Run 60 seconds, medium pace walk for 30 minutes
Goal Weight: 135
Goal Run: 2 miles without stopping at less than 15 minutes/mile
Goal Walk: 5k run/walk


This Year (by Dec. 31, 2014)
Weight: 165
5k: December 2014

Action Plan:
3 days a week training using “Run Double” C25K (couch to 5k) app
2 days a week weight training
Minimize eating out
Eat a minimum of 3 meals a day
Healthy snacks

I’m going to use this blog to post progress in the form of updates and pictures. Hopefully it will be a useful tool to encourage me and hold me accountable.